About Us

Mobidoo is one of the leading Russian full cycle mobile advertising agencies. Areas of work: mobile advertising, optimization and promotion of mobile applications. We have individual approaches to each specific task: We carefully study your product, analyze its demand in the market, determine its direct competitors, develop a large-scale system of promotion, andfinally release an application in the top stores, which will become profitable!

We work with social networks and offer quality traffic from all over the world yet guarantee quick results of the promotion. We enjoy numerous partnerships in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, allowing us to promote applications not only in Russia and the CIS, but also abroad. Ours guarantees exclusive traffic behindevery install, real users only, no bots, fraud and ban risks. When others promise - we do!

Our principles:

  • Absolute transparency in all processes, you see what you pay for and how your money is handled.
  • Cutting costs. We use our own resources and platforms that reduce the cost of services while maintaining excellent output and guaranteed efficiency
  • Work for the results. We are not interested in intermediate achievements but engaging every resource to achieve objectives.